Advance trucks – Best for Cement Factories

Advance trucks are well known name when it comes to construction business. The quality functions and outstanding facilities offered by the Advance trucks are truly amazing. The designs are particularly made that will help in order to mix the cement use for construction purposes. Advance Cl8 is a heavy duty mixer particularly used for the construction applications.

In 1980s, the Advance Company enters the market by offering various quality functions that are capable enough in hauling extra load capacities. The unique swing arm associated with the models helps in defining the proper effect while mixing the components. These trucks are considered in heavy duty applications, as they are designed with heavy components.

Acceleration and transmission that is used in the Advance Cl8 can hold 285 hp of power. The uses of the LTA 10 engines that are powered with the Cummins throw excellent speed helpful for mixing components. The use of “Heavy Duty Mixer” is considered mainly in the construction purposes. The weight of the trucks is about 34 tons, with wheel base of 8 x 6 with an ease of lifting materials.

The Advance trucks cranks with Hedrick suspension based on the automatic transmission and is commendable with tri axle of 46, 000 in the rear and 23, 000 for front. The Cummins powered with engine generates 350 hp with the M-11 engines. The mixers that are used in the trucks are easy to maintain and are comfortable for washing with single part.

Advance 1A9TAC comes with durability and outstanding reliability that can stand well even in tough conditions. There is great demand for the Advance 1A9TAC because of the effective mechanism and superior performance they offer. It is featured with M11-330 engine that helps in generating 335hp with the help of C10 engine. This makes the materials to get load in the mixer with superior capabilities.

The trucks offer by the Advance are widely used in the mixing the cement stones, gravel stones or other loose materials by adding little quality of water. The “Terex Advance” is helpful for lifting various components demanded by the Cement factories with help of various trucking options. The demand nature of the Advance Corporation trucks is quite effective while loading and uploading the components with ease and comfort.

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